With personal training, players work with our Head NBA Skills Trainer Jacob Begin or with Skills Trainer Luis Salazar in a personal setting. Workout schedules are arranged directly between the player and trainer. Personal training workouts are designed to focus on a players weaknesses and then equip them with the training needed to improve. Personal Training is for committed athletes looking to take their game to a level they never thought was possible. Personalized and tailored around your goals, your weaknesses, your offense, and the way you want to play. I use film and spend extra time traveling to your games for maximum results. To request Individual Training you must be in 5th Grade or Above! If 4th Grade or Younger please request a Group & Team Training option!

-Sessions are 1 hour in duration.
-Sessions may include up to 1-3 additional players to enable more effective workouts.

Cost for Personal Training Session:

  • Single Sessions bought will not be carried over week to week. A single session means you are only booking 1 SESSION, to schedule the same date week after week, you MUST BOOK A PACKAGE to book multiple sessions. If you do not want to book a Package, you can only book week to week and that does leave the next session available for anyone in that area to book.

  • All Sessions in Salem/Keizer area will be held at       Chemeketa Community College, 4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305 in Building 7

  • If 2 consecutive Single Session are cancelled back to back without any long term notice, then the slot will be given to whoever is next on the waiting list.

  • Personal Sessions may include up to 1-3 additional players (the additional players are added by the TRAINER not the PARENT or ATHLETE) the additional players help bring a competitive advantage to the training and improves overall growth.

Train w/ Head Trainer

Jacob Begin

1 Session $60

1 Month (4 Sessions): $200
2 Months (8 Sessions): $350
3 Months (12 Sessions): $500
4 Months (16 Sessions): $650
6 Months (24 Sessions): $900

1 Year (50 Sessions): $1800

Train w/ Luis Salazar

1 Session $30

1 Month (4 Sessions): $100
2 Months (8 Sessions): $175
3 Months (12 Sessions): $250
4 Months (16 Sessions): $325

Requirements for Booking a Package

  • FULL Payment of Package must be made either before or immediately after first session.If purchasing a Package and having me travel to you I do not charge a travel fee BUT you must arrange gym availability.

  • All sessions from Package must be scheduled and booked so any cancellations due to games, vacations, etc..can be prevented. If this is not done (and I will remind twice) then sessions will be counted towards package regardless if used, or not.

  • I understand emergencies happen and cancellations are needed. All I require is 24 Hours or more in advance. If I am not notified before 24 hours of session it will count as a session in your package and cannot be made up. *Weather does not result in a counted session. I know there is nothing we can do about last minute bad weather happening!

  • Also a Time Stamp is on every Package bought. Package Sessions must be completed in 15 Days after the required type of Package bought. For example, if you purchase a 2 Month Package you have 2 Months + 15 Days from date of purchase to complete. If sessions are not completed by Time Frame then the sessions left are voided and a new Package will need to be bought.

  • If I cancel any sessions due to weather, extreme sickness, emergency I will notify by 24 Hours of session. If notified any later an added session will be placed upon package or refund of money if wanted. If more cancellations occur on my end than you were expecting a full refund of remaining sessions can be given.

  • Any other Questions or confusion please Contact!

* PLEASE UNDERSTAND* For travel training more cancellations may result due to Gym space and time constantly changing. These changes are out of my control and I promise I will do my best to accommodate your athlete around any changes. If it begins to be too much of an inconvenience a full refund of remaining sessions can be given.




GROUP & TEAM TRAINING: (5-10 people, 10+)
Group & Team training puts your team through a series of drills, offensively and defensively that improves each player individually and helps your team get better. Group & Team Training is for Grades 1st and Up!

-Sessions are 1 Hour in duration.


Please note the following: By registering your child, you are agreeing to the below statement:

There are no refunds for any reason. I, the undersigned, certify that my son/daughter is in good physical health and can participate in strenuous physical activity and all basketball activities, and waive any and all claims I or he/she may now or hereafter have against BeginNow Basketball, Jacob Begin, and their respective staff, affiliated entities, agents and employees in connection with any injury or illness, recurrence of any undisclosed pre-existing injury or illness prior to the first day, and all liabilities or causes of action arising out of or in connection with my child’s participation in the basketball activities. I grant permission for the personnel to act on my behalf in case of medical emergency. I understand that I am responsible for all medical expenses. I also grant permission for my child to appear in photos or video highlights and approve the use of his/her name.




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